Book Review: How to Break Up with Your Phone

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  1. Lucien Sanchez says:

    In a similar vein I’m trying not to click on any articles with the word Trump in the title. I often feel that Trump eclipses every other issue to the point that we don’t know whats going right in front of us. Media companies love all the clicks they’re getting, so maybe it’s time not to play that game.
    Before clicking on another Trump article you can instead:
    – Memorize the names of all your city councilors
    – Memorize the names of all your statewide office holders
    – Memorize the names of your state reps and senators
    – Look at the most recent voting record for your the city council
    – Research primary candidates for a race in the upcoming election. Bonus points for reading about judicial candidates
    – Contact a local or state officeholder and share your opinions on a relevant issue

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