The dogs are clean, so maybe it will rain now

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  1. dixie says:

    I have never been to the Wildflower Center sale so I was contemplating it this year, but I just couldn’t wait another week for a tree! Plus, it’s the same weekend as Barkitecture and Maker Faire. There is too much going on! Why is there nothing to do for weeks at a time and then everything all in one weekend?

    You know that carolina jessamine is poisonous to dogs, right? I’m sure you do, but I don’t want any dogs to get sick!

    I did not know that! I just looked up the ASPCA Poison Control list, and it wasn’t on there. Is there another name for it?

  2. dixie says:

    It’s on this list and a few others that I have seen.

    We bought one and then had to return it later when I realized it was listed as toxic. We have jasmine and other non-dog friendly plants in the front yard since the dogs don’t hang out there without supervision.

  3. Vertie says:

    Thanks for the rain!

  4. I never really put that together! I guess it does usually rain after I wash all my dogs!

    I’ve never been to the Fall Sale. It looks like fun!

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