White squirrel

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4 Responses

  1. letsplant says:

    I have never seen a white Squirrel before! That is awesome!! Ours are Grey here!! I have seen Black ones though in New York! Great post!!

  2. dixie says:

    Aaaargh. I forgot about the white squirrels! One more reason to miss Crestview!

  3. Leslie says:

    What a pretty little squirrel….sadly, I just posted about squirrels as well….although I wasn’t in such a good mood when I did!!! eeeek. 🙂

  4. Casa Martin says:

    How fascinating! Great shot too!
    You know your birds!! As far as Birds are concerned, they should stay out of our backyard, not bc I don’t like them but bc our dog is an English Spring Spaniel – FIELD and that means he is all hunting and has, much to our horror, plucked a bird or two right out of the air. It’s instant…so i set up the front yard with kinds of goodies to keep them there.

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