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Friends & Family Work

Back from Santa Fe

We had a good ol’ time in Santa Fe.  We went shopping and ate fabulous meals at home.  My mom and I went hiking on Atalaya Trail on a beautiful day. We ate at Cafe Pasqual on a cold, rainy day; red + green enchiladas and a Mexican hot chocolate hit the spot. We wandered down Canyon Road  ...

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Dogs Work

It was a long week

I got through the big event at work. It went well, but I was exhausted! This week I’m going to San Antonio with my mom. And I have a big clean-up planned with my after-school group on Monday. I’m excited about both of those, but I’m ready for some time off. I don’t know  ...

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Dogs Work

Dogs + Trash= Disaster

I accidentally left a trash bag on the kitchen floor yesterday, with the intention of taking it out on my way to work.  Unfortunately, I forgot it, and the dogs had a great time spreading it all over the floor and licking up all the little delicious tidbits.  Miraculously, no vomiting has  ...

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Friends & Family Gardening Work

I need a job

We had a great weekend.  We actually saw bands play during SXSW, luckily at a low-key venue with my awesome cousin to keep us company.  We also went to my god-daughter’s 3rd birthday party on Sunday, which was great fun.  Today I taught my after-school program in South Austin.  We usually  ...

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