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Friday Nonsense

I just really love this Photoshop fail. And what’s up with the glasses? Yes, I bought this product.


Review: Mr. Crum’s Potato Predicament

A fairy tale about potato chips? A restaurant patron insists that his potatoes are too thick! Undercooked! Too bland! He sends them back to the kitchen, where the George Crum cooks potatoes again. And...


Review: Two Picture Books With Birds

Plume by Isabelle Simler is a beautifully illustrated book of birds, feathers, and a sneaky black cat. The sleek cat slips into each illustration, twirling its tail around a stork’s leg, peeking out from...

Audiobooks for Young Children 2

Audiobooks for Young Children

My kids are 5 and 2 right now. My daughter is just about to start Kindergarten, and she’s not reading on her own yet but she memorizes books and “reads” them to her brother....