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Community gardens around the world 1

Community gardens around the world

I spend a lot of time looking at aerial photography and maps for work, and I love discovering the signatures of certain features.  It’s like a puzzle.  If you’ve flown in an airplane you’ve...

All grown up! 0

All grown up!

The [presumed] Euplectrus wasps emerged after just a few days. The pupae weren’t much to see, they were little specks in the dried up husk of the caterpillar. The adults are, well, not exactly...

Huevitos 2


I was in the yard after work today looking at all the holes in the hackberry leaves. It reminded me of all the caterpillar frass I had seen on a walk this week under...

Caterpillars everywhere! 3

Caterpillars everywhere!

The last couple of weeks, there have been caterpillars everywhere– on the road, in the grass, on my mistflowers. I don’t remember this from previous years. Interesting.

Flippin Retire 4

Flippin Retire

I saw this on Adaptive Reuse and had to repost. Flippin Retire makes tire planters that are super-cute and modern. I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, but it looks like they are...

The new fountain and a mystery 3

The new fountain and a mystery

When we got married last year, my aunt wanted to get us a gift and I suggested a birdbath. She lives in NYC and we live here, so that was logistically probably not the...

Deborah Madison at Boggy Creek Farm 2

Deborah Madison at Boggy Creek Farm

I was thumbing through the Chronicle on Friday and saw that Deborah Madison was going to be in Austin to sign her new book, Seasonal Fruit Desserts. I was over the moon! I have...

Spring rains 2

Spring rains

Bring lots of these But, hopefully, also lots of these Our peach tree’s branches are almost touching the ground because they are so heavy with fruit. I hope I get them before the bugs...

Wildflower Center spring sale 1

Wildflower Center spring sale

I have usually gone to the members-only preview sales, but I just couldn’t make it all the way down there on Friday afternoon.  Saturday was CRAZY.  Actually, I don’t think the crowds were there...