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Link roundup

Here is a Friday link roundup for your enjoyment. I can’t believe it’s March already! It is starting to look like Spring in Austin! I know I’ve been hard on the social media sites...


Friday Nonsense

I just really love this Photoshop fail. And what’s up with the glasses? Yes, I bought this product.


50 things in 2017

  Inspired by Austin Kleon’s 100 Things that made my year, just a quick summary of the year as I look forward to 2018. I can already see that we are long overdue for...

Friday! 0


An assortment of thoughts for the beginning of November. The first woman to translate Homer’s Odyssey into English. “[A]ll translations are interpretations.” I’m currently reading How to Think by Alan Jacobs and scrawling notes...



Happy Friday! An 18,000 acre ranch where you can hunt exotic game and also fire an M4 Sherman tank in a shooting range made to look like a Nazi-occupied French town. Ah, Texas. Zadie...

Friday Folderol 0

Friday Folderol

  A few fun links. A genius Halloween costume from The Red Balloon, which was a film but also was made into a book, which I had when I was little. The Texas Teen...