Monthly Archive: February 2018


Should I delete my Facebook account?

I want to delete my Facebook account but I just can’t pull the trigger I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading about the evils of social media. I started asking myself: should I delete...


Friday Nonsense

I just really love this Photoshop fail. And what’s up with the glasses? Yes, I bought this product.


Log Off and Start Living

  In relation to my recent post on breaking up with your phone, I did remove Facebook from my phone. I also quit logging on to Facebook on my computer, both because it is...


T5W: Favorite Romance Novels

  Why is it that only women read romance novels? I never took psychology so I can’t even begin to answer the question. My husband wants to do the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge,...


Review: L’Appart

L’Appart By David Lebovitz Paris is such a beautiful city that fascinates so many Americans. We romanticize it and fantasize about living there. David Lebovitz is one American who has done so and been...


Book Review: How to Break Up with Your Phone

Book Review: How to Break Up with Your Phone Catherine Price A 30-day plan to break the addiction to your phone, focusing on positive outcomes and with a funny, chatty vibe. I just read...


Review: Our Native Bees

Our Native Bees By Paige Embry   A nonfiction account of North American native bee species that reads like a series of great long-form journalism pieces from National Geographic, this book covers interesting stories...


Review: The Yes Brain

The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child By Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson “…[B]ehavior is communication. And problematic behavior is actually a message, where our kids...