Friday Miscellaneous

50 things in 2017


Inspired by Austin Kleon’s 100 Things that made my year, just a quick summary of the year as I look forward to 2018. I can already see that we are long overdue for a real vacation, and I need to make it to the movies more often.

  1. First Day Hike with friends at Bastrop State Park.
  2. Visiting east Texas for work and going to NASA’s Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility.
  3. The Women’s March and The Science March. I loved participating in them, though I didn’t love the circumstances necessitating them.
  4. Selling my diesel back to VW. Good riddance.
  5. The 2 year old having this conversation with Dottie the dog: “I lub you Sweetpea. I lub you. [Dottie licks the bongos.] Hey Goddammit Goddammit, you’re eating the drum!
  6. Giving my daughter a Hello Kitty sewing machine for her 5th birthday, and watching her learn to use it.
  7. Selling my mom’s house and going through all the old photos
  8. Seeing My Neighbor Totoro on the big screen.
  9. Seeing Irish dancers at Central Market on St. Patrick’s Day
  10. Making chocolate-dipped strawberries with J.
  11. Taking a quilt class with Libs Elliot.
  12. Going to my friend’s monthly craft club at her house with a bunch of ladies.
  13. Easter at the Sherwood Forest Faire
  14. Taking a quilt class with Tara Faughnan. 
  15. Visiting the Quilt Museum in La Grange and the fabric store next door.
  16. Moving my mom into memory care, which was sad but gave me peace of mind.
  17. Seeing the Pirates of Penzance with J and listening to “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” in the car for months after.
  18. Buying a FitBit and learning all about sleep patterns and what it takes to get 10,000 steps a day.
  19. My husband taking our daughter to New Mexico to visit his parents, and being on my own with the 2 year old for a while.
  20. The fig-splosion in our back yard, necessitating the making of a giant batch of fig jam and, sadly, chopping down the fig tree to get rid of the rats! The fig jam was good though.
  21. The solar eclipse on August 21, seeing all the shapes of the shadows change.
  22. Watching Black Books, the Detectorists. B watching Toast.
  23. Discovering my neighborhood Buy Nothing group, getting some good stuff for free and getting rid of some stuff.
  24. Starting Shrew and Snail!
  25. J started Kindergarten, and is loving it!
  26. Great audiobooks make everything better. 
  27. Going to a bird illustration workshop with Pat Falconer at Art Science Gallery.
  28. Visiting Bracken Cave on September 19 and seeing millions of bats emerge. The largest bat colony in the world!
  29. A lot of birthday parties. That’s our social life now. Birthday parties.
  30. Listening to Celtic music at work, like Flook and Talisk.
  31. A day trip to the Science Mill in Johnson City with the kids
  32. Seeing Dylan Moran liveDylan Moran Melbourne.jpg (photo from Wikipedia)
  33. Cabin camping at Bastrop State Park at the end of October with friends.
  34. Going to Luby’s on Saturdays. Kids eat free! (And they love Jell-o!)
  35. Murder on the Orient Express on the big screen.
  36. The Ornithology print by Liberty fabrics, with images made by Edwyn Collins while he was recovering from a cerebral hemorrhage.
  37. Thanksgiving walk with my mom at the Houston Arboretum.
  38. Quitting Twitter.
  39. Moving the kids into a bunk bed! Then moving the 2 year old to a regular bed! But that’s ok.
  40. B sleeping better thanks to a CPAP machine!
  41. Buying my first season tickets to anything ever…. for Ensemble VIII.  So good.
  42. Moving little kid furniture out and setting up J with a mini art studio in her room.
  43. Thanksgiving weekend brunch showing of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with the best drag queens in Austin.
  44. Buying a lot of Christmas presents locally, like at Blue Genie, and doing minimal Amazon shopping.
  45. Volunteering on Thursdays at J’s school library, shelving books and helping 2nd graders check out.
  46. Staying with friends in Houston at Christmas. Visiting the Houston Zoo on a cold, wet day with zero crowds and getting right next to the gorillas.
  47. J finally getting a Hatchimal for Christmas and hatching it in the car.
  48. Spending the last few days of 2017 at home, sewing, cooking, reading, playing, and visiting with friends.
  49. Finally visiting Austin’s spectacular new Central Library.
  50. New Year’s Eve day lunch at the revolving sushi place with friends, then watching Uncle Buck at home and going to bed early.

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