#T5W: Reading Resolutions

I have been doing Goodreads reading challenges for quite some time, with just a number goal, but this year I am getting much more specific with my goals. My grandmother never went to college and she said she made up for it for the rest of her life by taking classes. So, I never took college English and I’m going to make up for it for the rest of my life by reading! Here is this year’s college class.

  1. Complete my 2018 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. What do I love about this challenge? Broadening horizons and reading new authors from diverse backgrounds. I am really enjoying seeing other readers’ picks for the categories in the Goodreads group. I’m learning about new authors and thinking differently about how I categorize books mentally.
  2. Read at least 50 “real” books (i.e. not cookbooks and picture books)
  3. Join a book club or participate at least once in one of my Goodreads book club monthly reads (yes that is a cop-out plan B).
  4. Improve my book reviewing skills and writing
  5. Keep reading!

I hope 2018 brings some great books into our lives. I feel like I have a lot to look forward to this year!

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