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Bleeding hearts

An 18,000 acre ranch where you can hunt exotic game and also fire an M4 Sherman tank in a shooting range made to look like a Nazi-occupied French town. Ah, Texas.

Zadie Smith interviewed George Saunders for Interview Magazine in February. His great American novel Lincoln in the Bardo just won the Man Booker Prize. (I recommend the audiobook, which features a cast of characters including Nick Offerman and Megan Mullaly as well as Saunders himself.) Their discussion of social media hit home for me. I’ve had to sign off of some social media lately, it’s just too grim.

SAUNDERS: I think the wave of social media rejection is coming. I think there will be a big reaction against it. It’s just like sugar-— mean, I loved it as a kid …

SMITH: Right. And if I were still watching TV the way I did when I was 8, we wouldn’t be talking right now because I’d be watching nine and a half hours of television today. As an adult, I decided that wasn’t the best option for me.

Speaking of social media, Joe Mande’s signoff from Twitter was spot-on. “Twitter is the internet’s version of smoking embalming fluid.”

Do you have kids in scouts? My daughter just started Girl Scouts and I’ve been struggling with my own conflicts about it. I was encouraged to read that they have added a lot of new outdoors badges and are encouraging moms to have more confidence getting outside... in an article about the Boy Scouts accepting girls. When it comes to my son, though, will he be a Girl Scout? It may be time to start a Camp Fire troop when he gets old enough, I still can’t get on board with Boy Scouts.

I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve really just embarked on a budgeting project. I hate dealing with anything money-related except spending it! But seriously. Here is one example of budgeting inspiration- saving enough money on food to quit your day job!

And on a happy note: the Texas Book Festival schedule is out! I really, really need a time turner. There is too much good stuff happening all at the same time– not just at the Book Festival either, November 4 is also the weekend of the Austin Celtic Festival and the International Quilt Festival in Houston.


Have a great weekend!


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