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July 2017


Texas Books, Y’all

I’ve lived in Texas for my whole life, and I love the landscape, the diversity, the food, and the art. Β I also appreciate our literary legacy. Β I am very proud of our amazing annual Texas Book Festival, which brings authors from around the world, and we have some fantastic local book  ...

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Books Kids

Audiobooks for Young Children

My kids are 5 and 2 right now. My daughter is just about to start Kindergarten, and she’s not reading on her own yet but she memorizes books and “reads” them to her brother. I can’t remember which one of us started it, but my husband and I both play them audiobooks in  ...

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Books Exercise

Running + Reading

I’m trying to start running again. I’m 42 years old and I just started running last year. Β I ran a mile for the first time last summer, and then I ran a 5K in September. I took a bit of a break (OK inauguration depression crept in), but I’m back on the road! Β Last year I was  ...

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