Cooking House


Spring is here! I have been doing some spring cleaning. Today I stayed home to meet the air conditioning guys who were just doing a maintenance check on the system (always a good idea before things get hot and you can’t get someone for days).  Reminder: Get the leaves off of your outdoor unit.  Here is another spring cleaning reminder…..



I was reading about natural gas and indoor air quality, and it turns out that if you are cooking with natural gas you can really be risking your health with excessive CO and NO2.  The answer? The vent hood. My vent hood has been acting a little weird so I decided to take a look at it.  And it turns out it has filters! Hey, how about that. Mine were really disgustingly dirty because I really hadn’t been paying attention.  Yuck! Reminder: use your vent hood often to improve your indoor air quality, and check your filters.

To end on a happy note, spring also means bluebonnets!  We found a patch in town (on Steck near Shoal Creek) and got to frolic in it on a beautiful cool spring day.

Bluebonnets, Spring 2014

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