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I’ve been in a rut when it comes to food and cooking lately, and I’m trying to get myself out of it. Sunday through about Tuesday, when the food and ideas are fresh, go pretty well. After that is downhill, with a lot of random ingredients in the fridge and no real plan.  Working a full-time job and chasing around a toddler means that I don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time on food.  And I’m not great at planning ahead, so I have given up on being one of those people who has a menu planned for the whole week.  I tried the Fresh 20, and it’s great, but there is no way that works for me, I need more flexibility.

This week I am going to try splitting my shopping up and go twice a week instead of just once. I think. If I can get to the store on a weekday, though, it’s a feat– I leave work at 4:45, pick up J at 5:30, get home, and it’s a race to cook dinner and eat before her bath/bedtime routine starts at 7:15.  That goes FAST, and I’ll either have to go to the store at lunch time or leave work early.

The other challenge is that I’m pescetarian/vegetarian but the other two people in the house are omnivores.  We’re making that work, usually with a store-bought roasted chicken a week. I’ve gotten more comfortable cooking chicken and turkey, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to cook much beef or pork.

This week is going well. Here is how it has gone so far:

Sunday night- Sockeye salmon/asparagus/jasmine rice (I also cooked up extra rice and a big pot of black beans)

Monday lunch- (S) salad with leftover salmon, (J + B) turkey sandwiches

Monday dinner- Fish (mahi) tacos with homemade corn tortillas/broccoli slaw/avocado

Tuesday lunch- (S) black beans and rice, (J + B) turkey sandwiches

Tuesday dinner- asparagus and pea risotto (with roasted chicken for J + B)/green salad

Wednesday lunch- (S) black beans and rice, (B) risotto with chicken, (J) chicken/rice/veggies


Tonight, J helped make the salad by tearing up pieces.  She also helped put red pepper in the salad (and snacked on some!).  It’s easiest for me to cook when she is helping, because it keeps her occupied and it’s more fun!  But she’s only just turned 2 last month, so she loses interest sometimes.  Usually B is home by the time that happens and helps to entertain her.  It’s fun watching her eat, she likes the most amazing things! Last night she kept asking for more hot sauce (Valentina) on her taco, and tonight she was chowing down on feta cheese.  She’s still a bit picky sometimes (last night she ate raw corn tortilla dough but wouldn’t eat a cooked tortilla), but it’s not just white food around here. Though she does love mayonnaise. A lot. She asked for mayo for breakfast yesterday!  Yuck.

Anyway, it’s a learning process. Some of my favorite sources are Dinner a Love Story, Weelicious, and The Kitchn. Actually, I’m about to go try to throw some of these together right now.
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  1. jun

    April 7, 2014 at 8:12 am

    After a full time job then have to cook, it’s not easy! By the way, the little girl is so cute.

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