Flickr favorites

Some of my favorite photos by other Flickr users.

1. Border Collie On The Beach, 2. Feb 2010, 3. Bug On The Wall, No. 1, 4. Paris Exposition: Pont d’Jena toward Chateau of Water, view from the, Paris, France, 1900 [correction: Pont d’Iena], 5. Babe the bull terrier, 6. loooong and wide, 7. Ramber, from the front, 8. the goats who stare at men, 9. DSC_0899, 10. Beach Tango — Brighton (LOC), 11. Portrait of a Poet, 12. Sun ‘N Sand Motel – Route 66 (Hipstamatic), 13. Window in Adobe Wall14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

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