Chicago Part III

Day 4, Sunday May 22: We ran around like crazy again. We took the train downtown, and by this time we were pro enough (with guidance from our friends) to make a transfer! I felt like a real big-city girl. First order of business was to visit my friend Sue the T. rex. We share a name, you know.
Chicago 2011

The Lions of Tsavo made an impression, as did the temporary exhibit on whales. They had some really cool whale skulls that I have never seen– the strap-toothed whale and ginkgo-toothed whale for example. Really bizarre. I had a major whale obsession when I was younger, and they still amaze me. We also enjoyed the Egyptian mummies, of course.

The Shedd Aquarium is right next door to the Field Museum, but is apparently 1,000 times more attractive to families with children. Yeesh! It was loud in there. They have fabulous exhibits of species from all over the world. The oceanarium is great, but my favorite was the unobtrusive garden eels. Like sock puppets and whack-a-mole had a baby, only cuter.

Chicago 2011

The jellyfish (temporary) exhibit was great too, and my favorite was the upside-down jellyfish, which grow their own algae. They are little farmer jellyfish!
Chicago 2011

We ate pizza from Piece and watched Police Academy at home. I was beat.

Chicago is an amazing town, it was overwhelming. I can’t wait to go back. My wish list for the next visit: about 3 days in the Art Institute, an architecture boat tour, and churros and hot chocolate at Xoco. Well, pretty much more Chicago food. The restaurants there are amazing, and after all that walking you feel like you’ve earned it!

More photos are in my Chicago 2011 Flickr set.

Chicago 2011

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