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Jesse H. Jones County Park in Houston

For my niece’s 9th birthday, we went to Jesse H. Jones County Park in north Houston.  They had a special Saturday class on carnivorous plants!  Wow, they grow some amazing carnivorous plants there.  The class was actually pretty good for the niece and nephew, though a tad long.  They brought in venus flytraps, sundews, Old World pitcher plants, and New World pitcher plants, and discussed the various methods that the plants use to attract and trap insects.  The presenter was really good at engaging the kids and the adults.  They also had some native Texas pitcher plants growing near the building.

pitcher plant inside

I also enjoyed the well-kept snake and turtle aquaria in the building– a good way to teach the kids which snakes are venomous! But the reason the niece and nephew really wanted to go to the park was to see the pioneer homestead and Akokisa Indian Village. Both lived up to expectations.


The pioneer homestead had a garden, root cellar, working water pump, barn, outhouse (with real corncobs!), and blacksmith shop. The Akokisa Indian village was small, with different types of palmetto-thatched buildings. We had a great time, I highly recommend it! Of course the kids were too tired to do more hikes, but I would like to check out their trails. The sandy beaches on Spring Creek intrigue me.

I have a long list of places to take them in and around Houston.  NASA is up there.  We have done Armand Bayou, Jones State Forest, and the Arboretum.  Any other suggestions? Houston’s best-kept secrets?

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  1. dixie

    May 6, 2011 at 10:36 am

    We have native pitcher plants in Texas?

    That looks like a fun trip!

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