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I signed up for a darkroom class! I’m very excited. I love shooting digital, but there is something special about shooting film. Yes, I also have a typewriter and a record player. And a land line. Now for some favorites from photographers on Flickr.  Check out those poodles in the bottom right-hand corner!  Hilarious.

Flickr favorites 8/21/2009

1. Untitled, 2. Tupaia – Tree Shrew – Tupaia belangeri, 3. The Dive, 4. The Team, 5. In and Around Hoxton, 6. norway_pro400H_4, 7. Il Caffè di Roma, 8. Egon, 9. Western Patch-Nosed Snake (Salvadora hexalepis), 10., 11. Muscle Beach, L.A., 12. LBI, 13. Crazy Heifer, 14. Ginge, 15. love by the adige, 16. happy pooches

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