Some photography fun

In anticipation of our trip to Santa Fe in August, I updated my point-and-shoot to a new Canon SD960IS and also ordered a Nikon SB-400 flash for my SLR. The point-and-shoot is good, the most important thing is that the screen is 3 times the size of my old one! I am most excited about the flash, since the on-camera flash results in some really awful photos. I have been avoiding flash altogether. This isn’t the best photo, but it was taken in a really dark corner of the house where I would normally just not even try to take a picture. Other than the shopping bags (still have a Goodwill run to do!), it looks awesome! The light is just right. I am impressed.

Kitty- camera experiment

I have also been playing with Pioneer Woman Actions for Photoshop, with a flash photo from the backyard of poor Kitty. (Poor Kitty hates having per picture taken, but she stands still, so of course she is the victim of my photography experiments.) These actions are a lot of fun. I need to take a Photoshop class to really master it, but these are an easy cheat until then. I love the Seventies one and the PW’s black and white.

PW’s black and white
PW's B&W


All of them
Pioneer Woman Actions experimenting
1. colorized, 2. cooler, 3. dim the lights, 4. heartland, 5. sepia tone, 6. seventies, 7. sharpen THIS!, 8. sunshine, 9. warmer, 10. B&W beauty, 11. boost, 12. define and sharpen, 13. fresh and colorful, 14. lovely and ethereal, 15. PW’s B&W, 16. slight edge burn, 17. slight lighten, 18. slight sharpen, 19. soft & faded, 20. vintage

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Gardening is over until fall. I’m struggling to keep everything alive through the drought. I’m glad we didn’t go all-out on the vegetable garden for summer!Β  Fall will be good.

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