Zilker Garden Festival 2009

It was a beautiful spring day and I spent it all in the garden!  It was a cold and windy morning, but it warmed up quickly.  I spent the morning at the Green Corn Project Dig-In, then headed to the Zilker Garden Festival.  My crowd phobia has kept me from attending this event until this year.  I was determined to make it, and it was definitely worthwhile.
Zilker Garden Festival 2009
We had a great time wandering around to different booths.  Miller’s Tropicals of Dripping Springs had an amazing booth, full of orchids and hoyas and Tillandsia.
Zilker Garden Festival 2009
The different societies had lots of tempting items– bamboo, ferns, and begonias to name a few.  We picked up a persimmon tomato plant from the Travis County Extension Service, and five Mexican oreganos from the Useful Wild Plants folks (at $2 each for good-looking 4″ pots).

The most fun was the flower show inside.  Do not miss it if you are headed down there today!  It kind of reminded me of Blow Dry or Best in Show— there is clearly a lot of attention to detail and obsessive personalities involved, and it’s playful and imaginative but also taken very seriously for the competition.  The displays were all book-related, so there are several tables with cereal and flowers on them that are related to a book about a “cereal” killer, and a bunch of tiny arrangements for Alice in Wonderland, and some wild fruit on skewers for another book that I’ve forgotten.  Did I mention there was a lady playing 1960s and 70s covers on an electric piano in the room?

Zilker Garden Festival 2009

Zilker Garden Festival 2009

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  1. Annie in Austin

    March 29, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Hi Sue,

    How good that you went – the Zilker garden festival can’t be missed! We were there Saturday, apparently doing the same things you did. I also came home with a ‘Persimmon’ tomato and we stopped at the Useful Plants booth for a Texas wisteria (already have 3 big Mexican oreganos).

    Yes, the Key Lime murders in the Flower Show were a riot, and although the music may have been a little cheesy, the woman playing the theme music was a really good piano player.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    We were impressed by her piano playing, it definitely made the show more fun. Brian plays 60s and 70s covers on piano, too, so we have an appreciation for the skill it takes to play all those songs. We will definitely go back next year, especially for the flower show. It was kind of like the county fair, only with flowers!

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