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eggs sardou on christmas day

Christmas in Houston was fun, as always. We made it in time for tortilla soup for dinner on Christmas Eve, which was delicious. In the morning, there was a collaboration to create the beautiful and scrumptious Eggs Sardou. We opened presents at the house and then went to my brother’s for lunch. The kids were elated with all their new and amazing gifts. Brian fell asleep in the playhouse. We babysat that evening, which involved assembling a Playmobil airport, reading lots of books, and singing songs. It was a blast. Friday, Nana and I hit the Max Ernst exhibit at the Menil. There were some fantastic paintings, as well as my favorite– his sculptures. I also made a quick visit to the Surrealist exhibit, just to say hello to some of my favorites in the permanent collection. Friday afternoon, we went to see Slumdog Millionaire, which was suspenseful and beautiful and heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time. It seems like we only ever see movies in Houston. Anyway, we finished up Friday evening with a trip to Goode Company Seafood with friends. It was a lovely visit, a very mellow and relaxing Christmas.

The other good news (I hope)– it looks like the problem with my point-and-shoot is a recall issue, so I should be able to get it repaired for free. I still haven’t found the charger for the DSLR, but I found a travel charger on Adorama that is not very expensive and will still be useful even if my original charger shows up (which it will, inevitably, after I spend money on a new one).

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