Still waiting…

We got the computer, now I just have to find my Adobe CS2 software and I’ll be ready to go. In the meantime, my little point-and-shoot’s screen broke. Maybe I will be forced to become more familiar with the DSLR!

We went to Houston for Thanksgiving and also spent a day in Galveston. There were a lot of tourists there, surprisingly. The damage is amazing, but they have cleaned up the roads quite a bit. I don’t know where I’ll go birding for Spring migration; we usually stay in Galveston, then spend a day visiting Bolivar and High Island. Maybe this year we’ll have to go to Louisiana or Aransas, I don’t know. I’m hoping to do some birding over the winter, which I haven’t done in quite a while. I think my phobia of sparrow identification keeps me from going out. I guess it’s something I can work on.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll get some photo editing software installed soon and show you some pretty pictures.

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