Heck yes!

pea investigating compost

We are back in business! (Actually, I can’t seem to find my camera charger, so don’t get too excited. *sigh*) I lost a lot of photos with the recent death of the laptop hard disk, but the upside is that editing photos on a the new iMac screen is AWESOME. The laptop died in the middle of backing it up, so I have about half of my photos, plus whatever was already on Flickr and my really old backups. I’ll get over the loss, I guess. I had learned my lesson before with computer backups, but I got lazy because I wasn’t really using the computer for work any more. BT has it set up to back up frequently now, so all is well.

Today has been gorgeous. I pulled weeds and raked the yard. Sweetpea has a habit of getting into the compost pile, but I think I have buried all of the interesting kitchen scraps pretty deeply now, much to her disappointment. You can see her peeking over the edge of the compost in the photo. Thwarted!

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  1. dixie

    December 7, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    Your compost bin looks huge! Did you guys build that? I need a compost bin. I kept waiting to buy one of the fancy ones, but at this point I think I should just make one.

    I am sorry you lost photos. It sucks.

    The compost bin came with the house! I love it, it’s nice and big. I’ll get over the photos, I hope.

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