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It worked!

Hey! It worked! It rained 1.5 inches here!
I did something for the first time this week: fertilize the yard. I have never fertilized grass before. Skip Richter made me do it! Well, after watching CTG, I looked at the back yard where the dogs have worn it down to a brown thatch with a few green tufts… and I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a go. Since I work in water quality, I am hesitant to use fertilizer outside, so I bought the spendy Lady Bug brand and watered it in well. Then it rained, at just the perfect time! We also had just planted carrot seeds along with some lettuce and chard plants, so it was really perfect.

The unfortunate consequence is, of course, the mud-encrusted paws. Sixteen of ’em.
muddy paw

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