Hiking with the Pea

Yesterday Sweetpea and I went hiking at Emma Long Metropolitan Park on the Turkey Creek trail. I didn’t take my camera, which was for the best since it rained on us the entire time. It got a little muddy, but we had the trail almost to ourselves and the rain felt so nice! There was lots of beautyberry and twistleaf yucca along the way, as well as a wall of ferns. It was really pretty. My original plan included a post-hike swim in the lake, but I nixed it. Exercising Pea can be a chore, but we had a blast yesterday.

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  1. dixie

    August 26, 2008 at 9:27 am

    We used to take Neko and Callie there! It was a lot of fun, but after the pit bull shooting we decided not to go to that park anymore.

    Ugh, I had forgotten that happened there. Austin Park Police are nowhere to be found when they’re needed (I’ve tried calling them before and there’s no point… just call the real cops!), but they will show up to SHOOT A GUN at a dog for pretty much no reason with HUNDREDS of kids around. Geniuses! Well, I’ll probably still go to the trail. The lake out there isn’t great for us… too many boats around for kayaking to be fun, and I’d rather swim in Barton Creek anyway. –smr

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