Finally, some rain!  We got almost 2 inches here, and we were grateful for every drop.  The tomatoes have finally bitten the dust, but the tomatillos and the peppers seem to be coming along nicely.  I am starting to think about what to do for fall.  We definitely have some solarizing to do, I just have to decide which projects to prioritize in the long-term grass elimination plan.  Here is the list..

1. A bed for perennial shrubs and small trees to screen the back fence.

2. April’s memorial rose garden in the back yard.

3. A flagstone and gravel sidewalk along the front curb, where the grass is dying anyway.

4. Rock garden on the plateau in the back yard.  Actually, it probably doesn’t need much solarizing over there, it’s pretty dead.  This would seriously reduce the amount of dirt the dogs bring in, since no grass has grown on the slopes of the plateau that remains where the underground playhouse was.  I have been noticing rock gardens around town, and I really like the way they look, though BT is less than enthusiastic about transporting all those rocks.  Good point, since last time I carried a bunch of rocks my reward was a nasty bout of tenosynovitis in my wrist.  But now the idea is etched in my mind….

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