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Colorado was gorgeous, as always.  I have been going there almost every summer since I was born.  My cousins live there, and we would go to escape the heat.  Nana and I would stay in the “Little House”, which has a creek running behind it and is totally enveloped by trees.  This year we celebrated Nana’s 100th birthday, despite the fact that her actual birthday isn’t until January.  It was just easier to celebrate in summer, and why not start the party early?   It was fun– I even met cousins I’ve never met before!  This year was the first year that BT has come up.  We escaped for a baseball game in Denver, a visit with some friends, and a hike at Brainard Lake, which was a favorite picnic spot when I was growing up.

The gardens are beautiful in Boulder.  My aunt in particular has a lovely terraced hill garden with hollyhocks, evergreens, and lots of flowers to attract bees and hummingbirds, like this Russian sage.

Boulder has a huge farmers’ market, with organic bread from a Denver bakery.

Our hike at Brainard.  Yes, that is snow in the background.  I finally managed to see a pika on that hike. I have been looking for them for years!  Very very cute mammal.

We ate well, too.  Boulder has some fabulous restaurants, but my aunt’s kitchen was the best spot.  We had dinners out in the garden with great wine and fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmers’ market.  We ate fried squash blossoms, which is one of my favorite treats, at Nana’s birthday dinner.

And now we’re back in Austin, and it isn’t even that hot! Hallelujah!

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