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August 2008


An anaheim!

Sweetpea and I did some work in the garden this morning.  The vegetables are all feeling better now that the summer heat has diminished slightly and some rain fell.  The green beans are flowering, the tomatillos are producing, and the Malabar spinach is making a run up the fence.  And one of  ...

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Hiking with the Pea

Yesterday Sweetpea and I went hiking at Emma Long Metropolitan Park on the Turkey Creek trail. I didn’t take my camera, which was for the best since it rained on us the entire time. It got a little muddy, but we had the trail almost to ourselves and the rain felt so nice! There was lots  ...

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Dogs Friends & Family


My parents’ dog Champ passed away yesterday.  He was a standard poodle, who was somehow both majestic and goofy.  My brother bought Champ from a backyard breeder 10 years ago as a Christmas gift for my mother.  He was lucky to end up with my parents, who fixed up his major overbite and  ...

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Finally, some rain!  We got almost 2 inches here, and we were grateful for every drop.  The tomatoes have finally bitten the dust, but the tomatillos and the peppers seem to be coming along nicely.  I am starting to think about what to do for fall.  We definitely have some solarizing to do, I  ...

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Friends & Family


Colorado was gorgeous, as always.  I have been going there almost every summer since I was born.  My cousins live there, and we would go to escape the heat.  Nana and I would stay in the “Little House”, which has a creek running behind it and is totally enveloped by trees.  This  ...

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