It’s hot. So I went to Half Price Books and picked up some material for vicarious gardening, and what happens? I get all excited about something and end up outside anyway! Luckily, I restrained myself to container gardening.

I found Paraiso Mexicano by Marie-Pierre Colle really inspiring, with photos of Luis Barragan’s gardens standing out. I also loved the photos of actress Maria Felix’s gardens, which are obsessively filled with lollipop plants in brightly patterned containers. I felt compelled to pick up a couple of lollipop plants today at Natural Gardener, since I was headed there for some mulch anyway. While I was there, I was examining their pots and found a plant I really loved which turned out to be “Dittany of Crete” oregano. On the oregano table, I also found “Kent Beauty” and “Hopley’s”. A whole world of ornamental oreganos opened up to me! It’s hard to see here, but Hopley’s and Dittany of Crete both have delicate purple flowers. The pot I had admired at NG also had plumosa fern in it, but it seems like it has quite different water requirements so I put the fern I bought in a separate pot next to the oreganos.

And the lollipop plant (Pachystachys! Say it out loud!)…

Also, I shoveled mulch. In the heat… but then, that’s why I was mulching, right?Β  So please excuse any delirium.

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  1. dixie

    June 25, 2008 at 10:39 am

    ha! I found myself at Half Price Books last weekend and bought some gardening books as well, but mine were butterfly/hummingbird related. I also finally picked up Jane Goodall’s Harvest for Hope.

    I love your green pot.

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