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Vegetable garden re-haul

From left: Kitty, Sweetpea, Pepper, Coaly, BT.

Squash vine borers ate the zucchini plant from the inside out, the parsley went to seed, and we finally harvested the crop of tiny onions.  We figured it’s late to plant, but we might as well try!  Thanks to volunteering and learning from the Green Corn Project, who use John Jeavons‘ biointensive method, we (er…BT) have been double-digging.  It is hard work, and I think BT has broken 2 or 3 spading forks in the process.  The good news is our pepper seedlings– Anaheim and aji flor — are in the ground now.  I’m hoping to throw some pole beans in next to the fence so they have something to climb on, and some habaneros, and whatever else looks good.

There are white-winged dove eggshells all over the yard, it seems.  Somehow this one impaled itself on one of the irises out front.  Interesting.


  1. Shala

    June 3, 2008 at 9:55 am

    We have had some troubles in our garden also (big dog, bad soil) so we lost some of our plants too and just replanted yesterday. Thankfully our warm weather lasts until September or October so we should have plenty of growing season left. I hope that all the plants you planted come out and give you plenty of veggies!

  2. dixie

    June 3, 2008 at 10:38 am

    It’s the elusive Pepper!!

  3. vertie

    June 3, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    Hi SMR,

    I’m so happy to hear that you volunteer and learn with Green Corn Project. I’m on GCP’s board. I am collecting stories of gardeners who have used the information they learned from volunteering with us to dig their own gardens and would love to include yours. When I get enough stories, I will probably put them up on our website.

    Would that be okay with you? You can contact me at vertie.austin[at] You can also check out my blog–it’s my personal blog but I usually end up writing a fair amount about GCP.

    Best of luck with the new bed! I’ll watch for updates.

    Suzanne aka Vertie

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