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May 2008


Good news and bad news

The good news is that I went to Houston this week and picked up my Seagull twin lens reflex camera. I thought it was my grandmother’s, but she completely denies having ever seen it. Nobody else knows whose it was, and it’s been in “my room” at my parents’ house for  ...

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Friends & Family Gardening

Big 33

This weekend I hit the big 3-3. I had a lovely dinner with friends and family, and more celebration is upcoming this week, with a trip to Houston. I’m not much of a birthday person, but it was really nice to have a reason to get together with people. Thanks to Dixie for the passalong  ...

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House Uncategorized


Do you like them? I made them myself! My grandmother is an artist, which I think is why I was constantly enrolled in art classes in elementary school. As you can see, my clay sculptural skills were somewhat primitive– I can’t even tell what that pink animal is supposed to be.  ...

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Back in the swing of things

It’s been a long couple of weeks, sorry for going missing. The good news is that my dad’s surgery went well and he went home from the hospital on Friday. And I got to spend lots of time with my Nana and my mom. I was only gone for 5 days, but I swear everything in the garden grew a  ...

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White squirrel

Here is our resident white fox squirrel, perched on the edge of the compost heap.  I’ve been trying to get a photo of this elusive critter for a while now.  He is always burying pecans in the garden.  There are several white squirrels in Crestview, it’s always fun to spot them.  ...

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Pam Penick‘s appearance on Central Texas Gardener made me realize the importance of designing my landscape wisely, and not just jumping in with a bunch of plants.  My natural inclination is toward instant gratification, of course!  But I am trying to be smart and take a long-range view of  ...

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