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I got back to work on the front bed, ripping up grass. I gave in to temptation and planted some of the natives in the bed, hopefully also keeping them from dying of neglect in their little plastic pots. Clockwise from front we have Blackfoot daisies, damianita, standing cypress, Gregg’s salvia, and Gregg’s dalea. They are tiny and not much fun to look at right now. But planting things is so gratifying! I hope they are happy. Like I said before, we are going to need a LOT more soil.

I have been reading a lot about bees and pollinators lately, and I’m hoping to make our little garden a good home for native bees and honeybees. We do grow fruit and vegetables, so encouraging bees and other pollinators can’t be a bad idea. I found a lot of good information at the Xerces Society and Texas Bee Watchers websites, and in an Audubon magazine article. I’ve already got the bare dirt bee-nesting habitat going in some bald spots in the yard, so I’m partway there!

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  1. Rachel @ in bloom

    May 1, 2008 at 6:30 am

    Oh! Oh! I had the link to the Xerces Society before, but I didn’t know about the Texas Bee Watchers website. Thank you for the link! Like you, I’m trying to make my garden bee-friendly.

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