Garden pests

I finished my application for the teacher certification program yesterday– the due date, of course. But how can you not put off silly essays til the last minute? I’m still ambivalent; there are some things I like about my job, and I’m scared of teaching. But I really do need a better paycheck.

I didn’t find a sub job for today, so I’ve been getting some little things done around the yard. I noticed this little guy while I was watering the garden; it seems to be a black swallowtail caterpillar. He was devouring my parsley, but I have plenty to share. There was another garden pest out– a dog who thinks she’s a cow.

So helpful!  She is still fitting in here well.  She went to the vet yesterday and nobody could decide what breed she is– sheltie, maybe?  The vet confirmed she is about 5 months old and her snout is growing crooked because of a previous injury.

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