I guess I need to buy a new bottle of Bitter Apple

Her name is Sweetpea.  BT named her– I couldn’t believe he didn’t give me hell for bringing home this dog, but he is infatuated with her.  Plus, he finally has a dog young enough to jog with him.

She fits in really well with the old folks here.  The other dogs were hiding from her the first day, but they got over it quickly.  She is pretty low-energy; she exhibited signs of separation anxiety the first couple of days but she seems to be over it.  I have no idea what breed mix is in there, but she looks like a little fox to me.  Special traits: her snout is crooked, and both of her back paws have white tips.  I’m taking her to be vaccinated and spayed this week.  I put an ad on craigslist for a found dog, and perused the “lost” ads, but I have a feeling nobody is looking for her.

My teacher certification application is due tomorrow.  I have essays to edit, and a whole one to write!  I hate those things.

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