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One-day vacation

My mom and I went to San Antonio for my cousin’s 3-hour course on educational games and methods for young kids. We took advantage of the opportunity to spend a day in SA. The first night, we tried to go to El Mirador, but it was closed. We headed for the River Walk, prepared to pay a lot of money for mediocre tourist food. Instead, we enjoyed a pretty darned good salmon dish at the Zuni Grill, along with cactus pear margarita and pecan creme brulee. What a relief! We toured the Missions in southern SA, which were gorgeous. BT and I had previously visited Concepcion, which has gorgeous well-preserved frescoes with intricate geometric patterns. Mom and I checked out Mission Espada, Mission San Juan, and the aqueduct. We enjoyed seeing some good birds, including Nashville warblers and molting yellow-rumped warblers, egrets and herons on the river, and newly arrived scissortailed flycatchers. At Mission San Jose I picked up an interesting souvenir:

She was wandering around near the visitor center and …I couldn’t resist. In my typical bird-brained way, I neglected to think out how I was going to care for a stray puppy while staying in a hotel that doesn’t take dogs. I ended up buying her a crate and she slept in the car. Thank goodness the weather wasn’t hot! My mom was a good sport about the whole escapade, luckily. After the dog logistics were settled, we enjoyed lunch at the Menger Hotel next to the Alamo, then headed for our class.

It was a great trip, but way too short! There was so much more I wanted to do!

My beautiful Mommy and the Mission Espada:

P.S. Anybody want a puppy?

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