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It was a long week

I got through the big event at work. It went well, but I was exhausted!

This week I’m going to San Antonio with my mom. And I have a big clean-up planned with my after-school group on Monday. I’m excited about both of those, but I’m ready for some time off. I don’t know if I’m still burned out from grad school or if I’m just lazy, but I seem to need a lot of do-nothing time. I would like to be the kind of person who is always creating and reading and thinking, keeping busy and doing big things. I’ll keep trying.

We went out last night to see Attack Formation. I was dreading the trip downtown. Parking was a nightmare, as expected, and there were people and noise and lights and traffic!  But we got to the bar and the crowd was mostly people our age, not dressed up much, and very relaxed.  I chatted with friends and had fun watching the show.  I have to say, it was a good night.  And the people-watching was extraordinary.  We had a prime spot to see the parade of pedestrians on Red River, and the beautiful people were nowhere to be seen.  Not that I can criticize anyone!  But it was an entertaining and delicious mix of the trashy, trying-too-hard, and way too much pleather.  Thanks for getting me out of the house, B!  I needed that.

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