Dogs Work

Dogs + Trash= Disaster

I accidentally left a trash bag on the kitchen floor yesterday, with the intention of taking it out on my way to work.  Unfortunately, I forgot it, and the dogs had a great time spreading it all over the floor and licking up all the little delicious tidbits.  Miraculously, no vomiting has ensued.  While I was sweeping up coffee grounds and sticky papaya seeds, Coaly was out digging up the nice wet soil in the yard.  Her feet were so caked with mud that I had to soak them in water.  Dear dogs, THANKS.  Love,  mom.

I subbed yesterday at a high school, and got to talk to the bio teacher there about alternative certification.  She was very encouraging and recommended both TTF and Region XIII.  Hmmm.  I have a lot of thinking to do.  I also asked her if she had had any issues with students or parents wanting to debate evolution, and she said that the students had really loved the evolution unit and there were no complaints.

On my way back from after-school programs today, I saw my first scissor-tailed flycatcher of the year!  I love spring.

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