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I need a job

We had a great weekend.  We actually saw bands play during SXSW, luckily at a low-key venue with my awesome cousin to keep us company.  We also went to my god-daughter’s 3rd birthday party on Sunday, which was great fun.  Today I taught my after-school program in South Austin.  We usually visit a nearby park and identify the animals and plants that we find; today there was a snapping turtle in the creek!  That creek also has some awesome fossils.

BT made arugula pesto and salad from the garden Sunday night.  Delicious!  I love eating food from the garden, and it tastes even better when I don’t have to cook it.  Yum.  We went to the Natural Gardener Sunday as well, which was a huge traffic jam, but we got a couple of tomatillo plants and some compost.  I also bought a crossvine and an Anacacho orchid tree.  If I had my way I’d probably fill the yard with small trees– goldenball lead tree, mesquite, redbud, palmettos, you name it.  Normally I would throw an oak in there but I think that’s what’s causing my current allergies so boo hiss to oaks.

On a serious note I REALLY need another job.  I can’t afford my current one!  Here is the problem that I ran into with my career: people with M.S. in biology seem to mostly go into consulting, which I don’t think I could stomach, or teaching.  I would really like to work for the government or a nonprofit, but I was really naive and didn’t build up the experience I need for those jobs.  So I’m backed into a corner!  I’m too old for these entry-level jobs!  I wish I had been paying attention 10 years ago, but I can’t fix that now.  I am seriously considering teaching in public school, either middle or high school.  Teachers may not get paid much, but the starting pay is more than twice what I’m making now.  And it is a worthwhile career.  It’s terrifying, though!  I’m really afraid that I’ll hate it, and I can’t afford to have any job-hopping on my resume.  I’m at the point of looking for signs, and feeling like I’m jumping off a cliff. The alternative is to hunt down environmental lab jobs.  I can’t imagine two more dissimilar options.  Help!

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  1. Barbee'

    April 19, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    No, never – at first I thought he was holding a flower! Aren’t you lucky to receive those nice vegetables.

    Those cooked dishes look so good they are making me hungry.

    Good luck with your job track. You might like teaching more than you think. You seem to have a lot of knowledge and interest to share.

    I have never seen a scissor-tailed flycatcher – lucky you!

    Years ago I saw a Merlin take a mourning dove. That was what got me started counting birds in my yard. I wrote about it on my web site, but haven’t posted it on the blog.

    Enjoyed my visit.

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