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I’m already too lazy to post photos. What next?

I haven’t taken any pictures today.  What?  I had to work!   I’m already shirking my photo responsibilities, and guess what else?  I’m already going to start dumping bad news on you.  You’ve been warned.  My dad, who has beat a diverse array of cancers, is now fighting a new one: bladder cancer.  I don’t think I had even heard of bladder cancer.  So anyway, in the understatement of the year I would say it’s kind of a bummer.  My parents have been really smart about exploring their options with his treatment, learning all about the disease, and making educated choices.  My mom could write a “Consumer Reports” article on prostate, skin, or throat cancer, I’m sure.  Now this!  Poor Dad!  He is really depressed, but he is already very involved in the learning process and getting ready to do anything necessary to fight it.  He’s very brave.  To add insult to injury, he had some spectacular fishing trip planned to the Amazon River for this month.  I hope he can postpone til next year.

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