Birdwatching Dogs



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My last day off and the sun shines! I spent the afternoon sunning myself like a lizard on the back patio, reading and birding. What I at first thought was a distant airplane was a distant gull, then dozens of distant gulls, then some distant vultures. They sailed over quietly in little groups for a while, then the action stopped. The notable arrival for the day was a great-crested flycatcher. It’s spring! I hate to say this, but I’m ready for it to warm up a bit.

April always curls up on the floor next to my chair when I’m on the computer. This picture is from yesterday, and today she is in almost the exact same position. Her cute trick today: while I was out, she dug a package of peanut-butter crackers out of a grocery bag. It was a bag of 8 packages of 4; half of them were left when I got home. Surprisingly, Kitty did not seem to be in on the action; I guess she assumed that April was just engaging in her normal non-food-related paper/plastic mutilation and ignored it. Kitty did, however, get her paws on a corn cob that Pepper must have excavated from the compost (he’s the only one I’ve ever seen in there). She also steals pecans from the squirrels, the brat.

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